10) SnuG Watchbands are designed specifically for wearable tech, by a fan of wearable tech. SnuG's first line of products were designed to give a stylish, sporty, customizable look to the Moto360.

9)ANIMAL LOVERS and Peta people REJOICE! You no longer have to wear a piece of dead animal with your Moto360. Our bands are soft, durable silicone rubber! Not leather! Every purchase also provides a meal for a shelter animal!

8) They Are Sweat, Odor, and Stain Resistant unlike the month old leather band below...ewwww!

7) Unlike most metal bands, they don't pinch your armhairs!


6) Perfect fit! They are 21.5 mm wide and under 3.5 mm thick with a unique connector groove.

5) Fits SnuG on the wrist to make sure every heartbeat is captured!



4) High quality Stainless Steel Clasp with a double lock!

3)Easy to resize to fit any wrist by removing excess band at the size line. They size can also be adjusted on the buckle.

2)Easy to customize.

The upper and lower band segments are interchangeable and can be traded out for new color combos easily, or be worn as a solid color. Now you don't need to buy a whole new band if you want to try a new color combo! SnuG watchbands currently has 6 color options with more to come! You can dress your watch up in red, white, and blue for independence day. Red and green for Christmas. Or just wear a simple clean white or black. You can wear your favorite colors, or your favorite teams colors!



1)Matching Protectors

You Protect your smartphone. Why not your Smartwatch?

SnuG watchbands designed the first silicone Moto 360 protector band. It prevents the watch from getting nicks and scratched on the edges, and has slight bumper to protect the watch face from banging into things. Best part is the protector does not disturb function, and can even be left on while charging! It is a must have for anybody that wants to keep their Moto360 looking new, or add a little color.



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