A New Moto 360 is coming! Actually 3 New Moto 360's are coming!! SO ARE NEW BANDS and CASES!

We are very excited for the arrival of a new generation of Moto360's !!!

If you haven't heard the Moto360 2nd generation will soon be available in 3 sizes. It also features a more standard band with quick release spring bars!  That means mixing and matching your bands on your Moto360 will be easier than ever! (plus no more worry of a cracked back!).

Our friends over at SnuG Watchbands are working quickly to produce some really awesome new watch bands and cases for all 3 of the next generation of Moto360's. This round of Watchbands will feature the solid color's and deployment buckle you love, as well as some other really unique options that will only be available from FunWatchBands.com.

We will have them available for pre-order soon!

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