Choosing the right size replacement band for your Smart Watch


Here is a listing of the most popular smart watches.
We currently carry 16mm, 20mm, 22mm and some custom bands!



Samsung Gear Band Size:
Gear S2: Uses Custom Band (NOT AVAILABLE-Band adapters are available for purchase on amazon)               
Gear S2 Classic: 20mm Band
Gear S3, S3 Frontier: 22mm Band
Moto 360 Band Size:
Moto 360 1st Gen: Custom Band
Moto 360 2nd Gen:
Moto 360 46mm: 22mm Band
Moto 360 42mm (Men): 20mm Band
Moto 360 42mm (Women): 16mm Band
Pebble Watch Band Size:
Original Pebble: 22mm
Pebble Steel: Bands Custom band (NOT AVAILABLE)
Pebble Time / Steel: 22mm
Pebble Time Round (Men, Large): 20mm
Pebble Time Round (Women, Small): 14mm (NOT AVAILABLE)
Huawei Watch Band Size:
Huawei Watch: 18mm Band (NOT AVAILABLE)
Fossil Q Founder Band Size:
Fossil Q (1st Gen): 22mm Band
Asus ZenWatch Band Size:
ZenWatch 1st Gen: 22mm Band
ZenWatch 2nd Gen Large (41mm): 22mm Band
ZenWatch 2nd Gen Small (37mm): 18mm Band (NOT AVAILABLE)
LG Watch Urbane:
Watch Urbane (1st Gen): 22mm Band
LG G Watch:
LG G Watch: 22mm band
LG G Watch R: 22mm band
Apple Watch Band Size:
Custom Adapters available on Amazon
WE CURRENTLY CARRY 16mm, 20mm, and 22mm Watch Bands